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In the 1980s, Dr. Claude Leclair wanted to provide his patients with complementary health care services. Thanks to his innovative spirit and his scientific and investigative nature, he sought to obtain "measurable" results in the field of alternative medicine. This is how the adventure began!

Dr. Leclair learned homeopathy and naturopathy while collaborating with Dr. Paul Nogier, father of auriculotherapy. Dr. Leclair’s apprenticeships and experiments led him to the discovery of a very particular type of energy medicine.

He was then joined by Antoinette Pardiac, acupuncturist, and Odette Coulombe, naturopath and former high school teacher. Together they founded the first school of energy medicine known as: Ô Centre des Médecines Énergétiques (ÔCME). Eventually the school wanted to offer its students more advanced knowledge in naturopathy. This is when the Academy of Professional Naturopaths and Naturotherapists (AcPNN) was created.


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