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Notre vision

The Academy of Professional Naturopaths and Naturotherapists is a school which aims to make people aware of the importance of taking charge of their own health by becoming more and more responsible and autonomous about it.

The goal of the school is to create a global vision of the human being among our students in naturopathy, and to let them know about the different holistic approaches to natural health, so they can help their families, friends and clients to find and maintain their vitality and balance.

Introduction to the energetic world

The school offers its naturopathy program in distance learning. This allows students great flexibility in scheduling, thereby facilitating work/family/study balance. Students can thus complete the naturopathy program within 1 to 3 years. The distance learning program is made up of 24 modules divided according to the following 3 main themes:
·  Anatomie
·  Nutrition
·  Naturopathie

Throughout the training, students have access to a tutor who is available to guide and assist them in their studies.


The school also offers "Tailored courses" which are aimed to anyone with an interest in natural health. These courses, covering various fields (phytotherapy, aromatherapy, nutrition, etc.) allow the student to obtain a study certificate in the field or fields he or she has chosen.


Our full-time program is a local 3-year training course which is divided into three main themes :
·  Anatomie
·  Nutrition
·  Naturopathie

Tailored courses

Our hybrid program consists of the same modules as the long distance program, plus a tutorial or webinar review service for each module. This service being offered tailored, it gives you the freedom to choose whether you need it or not.


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