Hybrid program

A personalized education offering freedom and flexibility ...

Our hybrid program combines the benefits of local training with those of long distance education. Indeed, it allows you to study where and when you want while enjoying a personalized teaching service.

Like the distance program, our hybrid program is divided into 24 modules consisting of course notes and exercises to be completed for evaluation purposes. In addition, the student may, if he/she wishes, have access to a revision service offered in the form of a webinar, tutorial or lecture-based teaching to help him better assimilate the subject learned.

Then, at the end of modules 12 and 24, the student must present himself in a local near him, determined by the school, to complete an assessment exam of his knowledge.

Also, during his academic progress, the student will have to complete case studies that he will submit to the school and also do an internship in the setting of his choice: clinic, health food store, school, etc.


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