Tailored courses

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Our tailored courses are long distance courses. These courses will allow you to obtain an attestation of training in the field you have chosen.

The duration of the training and the evaluation criteria vary according to the course chosen. For more information, download the programs of your choice.


"We are what we eat." We can not say more true. This course will help you understand why and how to adopt healthier eating habits and make better health choices.


Since the dawn of time, humans have used plants to feed and heal. In this course, you will learn how to use plants, in different forms, for healing purposes. This course is divided into several parts.


Aromatherapy is a preventive, curative and well-being technique. It is with this in mind that we will make you discover the wonderful world of essential oils.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and physiology are at the very foundation of life. They explain how the human body works, self-regulates and repairs itself. In short, how he keeps himself alive. This course will help you understand and explain how the different parts of the body work and the relationships between them.


Also called nutritherapy, this course offers you a thorough study of the roles and functions of different vitamins and minerals and how we can use them to support the body in its healing process. ‍

* Prerequisites: Nutrition


Hydrotherapy is an accessible approach that combines different techniques or methods that use water in their treatments. In this course you will learn these techniques as well as when, how and why to use them.

Detoxification and Drainage

The modern era has brought us a lot of chemicals and toxins with which we are in daily contact, not to mention the toxins naturally produced by our metabolism. In this course, you will learn what can cause toxin overload, how to avoid it, and how to keep your body functioning to maintain or restore optimal health.


Homeopathy is a gentle and effective technique that can be used by everyone. This course gathers several approaches that can be followed in individual ways : ‍

- Clinical homeopathy
- Schuesler saltsr‍
- Bach flowers remedies and Floral
- Gemmotherapy

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